Wowbrary – Use at Your Own Risk!

I checked my e-mail this morning and found another Wowbrary newsletter. I love getting these every week!  I usually find new books and other materials from local libraries that I would not have known about otherwise.

The local library systems subscribe, and there’s no cost to patrons. All anyone needs to do is type in his or her ZIP code in any area of the country to see which libraries offer the service.

My only problem is that I tend to place too many holds in my excitement. So they pile up a bit until I’m ready for them.

I finally stopped feeling embarrassed that so many things interest me. A high school librarian friend once told me that reading was a good addiction. It’s always felt normal to me to have 10 or 15 titles going on at once. (And yes, it’s easy to keep the plots straight in my head.) A couple of years ago, my New Year’s resolution was to give up reading for a year. But several people pointed out how unrealistic this is, given my line of work.


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