Three countries to visit, and why

I know I’m late, but I’ll try this anyway.

The first country–USA — to see as many cities and states I can. The DC area always has so many people from someplace else. I know Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, New York City, New Orleans, LA, Florida, Hawaii, and Boston, MA. This spring or early summer, we may visit Savannah, GA. There is so much to see–never mind the transportation barriers. We always peruse travel guides from the library. It helps to have set itineraries.

I’ve wanted to visit England and the rest of the UK since I was 8. A lot of my reading material is British history, British authors, and so on. I had even collected a large stack of British Heritage magazines, travel guides, music and so on, but the stars never aligned. I was very sad when I had to throw them away or donate them. I still feel sad that we never went. I can at least get my passport ready this year. Travel by wheelchair is hard. I enjoy hearing about other people’s vacations.

I would also like to visit India and China. Again many authors, essayists and travel guides.



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