2010, with No Negativity!

The year 2010 definitely wasn’t bad; it just could have been a lot better. I decided that my personal theme would be “No negativity!” It was impossible to maintain this outlook 24/7, but overall, I did pretty well. Unemployment brings a lot of challenges, especially when you are a freelance writer, editor, and proofreader who wants to return to full-time work.

My single biggest accomplishment of 2010 was venturing into social media. I’m enjoying it, and I definitely have more to learn. First, I completed my LinkedIn profile, asking for and giving recommendations. Now I have to be more active in using it. I also became a more frequent Twitter user, and even found paying assignments from it. I also started this blog and continued with a classical music blog. No regular readers for either yet, but that’s all right.

But last year wasn’t  all about computers. I kept up with good friends and family, getting together in person where that was possible. My aunt also appreciated my help this past year with various things. We also went to concerts and other events around town. My online writing group reconvened, and I submitted items and critiqued others’ work for that, although none of my own work was published. And I also got to know my neighborhood library better, loving it almost as much as the other system I have been a part of for many years. I did accomplish some things on a self-designed study schedule, but I ended up having to move most to 2011. But most of all, I didn’t give up–on anything.

Generally, I’m not enthusiastic about self-help books. There are a few good ones, such as Dr. Philip C. McGraw’s The Ultimate Weight Solution, Wayne Dyer’s books, anything by Dr. Charles Stanley, and Joel Osteen’s Live Your Best Life Now. You don’t always need a book to let you know what you need to do, but they sure help sometimes. I loved reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin this past spring and summer. I heard about it from a woman at the doctor’s office. Everyone has his or her own project for the year; it doesn’t always have to start on January 1. Another helpful website is the Happiness Project Toolbox. I also liked the related video, “The Years Are Short.”

I started planning my 2011 goals list in early December; here it is January 2 and nothing is on paper yet! I’m getting it down this week, and we’ll see how many items I can cross off as I accomplish them. This year’s theme is “Get it done.”


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