You Never Know When an Aha! Moment Hits You

I won’t go into too much detail here. Let’s just say that I’ve had a LOT of “aha” moments in the past few months. Some are like soft whispers; others are encouraging voices or loud screams. However they sound, they are trying to tell me something, and I’d better listen. It can tap you lightly on the shoulder, or (figuratively) clobber you upside the head with a baseball bat. An “aha moment” is like an epiphany, where something is finally understood–maybe not always in a good way. It’s always a good idea to actively search for these moments. Look for what a situation is teaching you.

I’m reminded of James Joyce’s short story collection Dubliners. I haven’t felt like reading it lately. (A friend once said to me: “You don’t believe in keeping it light, do you?”) Each story had a character who, for better or worse, realizes something about his or her life. The trouble was, you never saw them taking actions to change.

In real life, we have choices.


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