What I Would Like to Be Remembered For

On some level, maybe writers write because they want to leave the world with something tangible. Something that can be enjoyed, commented on, whatever. I have been published, but my newspaper and magazine articles will never win Pulitzers, and no one will remember them when I am gone. I’m pretty sure there’s a nonfiction book or play in my future, but I haven’t decided on what topics yet. My immediate goals are better health and a steady job.

But I can say that I enjoy interviewing people and writing articles. Those skills are applicable in so many different fields.

Being remembered means more than professional accomplishments. My family says people recognize and remember me because of my motorized wheelchair. I do concede their point. My wheels, with my tattered Birchmere bumper sticker, make me easily identifiable. But I do hope people see me, warts and all.

I hope that people would remember me for being friendly, enthusiastic, joyful, helpful and kind. I hope that I have made, and will continue to make, a difference to people. I hope I will leave a positive impact on the world and people in it.


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