I Don’t Like Most Books About Food or Diets!

I spent too much of my life up to now eating. But everyone has to eat healthfully to stay alive and maintain a balanced life, along with exercising as much as they can. Someone once told me that if you’re doing what you’re passionate about, the urge to overeat will go away, and the weight will come off. I do believe that, to a point. When you’re busy, you don’t think about food unless you are hungry. But regular exercise and a plan help. I have tried and failed many times, but I always keep trying. Just because you are a wheelchair user doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. Weight loss is just harder and slower.

I like exploring wise recipes. Although I do need help with cooking, I want to do as much of it as I can by myself. My aunt and I made curried sweet potato and lentil soup last night for dinner, and it was delicious! The leftovers were great, too. It appears in the March 20011 issue of Prevention magazine. I’ve been recommending it to other people, and it’s one we’ll be making again. My aunt was skeptical at first, especially since the recent mediterranean quinoa and broccoli recipe was not one of our favorites, but would do in a pinch. Once the soup was done, my aunt couldn’t stop admiring it. We felt great that it turned out so well.

In the struggle to lose weight, many books about diets have been been written, bought, borrowed, or discarded in frustration. I avoid them all now, but a few remain extremely helpful.  Dr. Phil’s The Ultimate Weight Solution and its companion food lists are the only two I own. I also recommend David Kessler’s The End of Overeating. Dr. Mehmet Oz’s You on a Diet was also instructive. Eating Mindfully was another book that helped me to look at food differently. Geneen Roth’s books also are very helpful and encouraging.

Eat when you are hungry, not when you feel bad. Stop when you begin to feel full. Make the right choices and exercise, and ALWAYS check with your doctor and other professionals first for guidance and advice. I like FitDay.com, the National Center on Physical Activity and Disability, and MyPyramid.gov.


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