The Snow Queen and Other Tales

The other night I listened to a three-part podcast of The Snow Queen on B.J. Harrison’s The Classic Tales. It’s from three years back, but I’m trying to catch up on my listening, I highly recommend this weekly Friday program. It’s available through iTunes. Harrison tells the original story by Hans Christian Andersen. I grew up with an animated version that is very faithful to the original. It was so good hearing it again after so many years.

I had a collection of Andersen’s fairy tales as a kid. I read and reread my favorites, but some I found downright scary, For years I couldn’t watch the film The Red Shoes because I found the story so creepy. But there are loose similarities between the two. My favorite, though, is The Ugly Duckling.

I’m aware that by now people are sick of “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen, the animated movie based on the original story. However, I still enjoy it. My cousin and I watched the video because she was curious. Driving to and from work, she heard the song every day on the radio. Enjoy it, if you still can:

And then my mind wandered to the Brothers Grimm story of Rapunzel. In Disney’s Tangled, I really love the music that accompanies the dance scene. Here it is:

Heck, the whole movie is wonderful!

Old stories are meant to be shared. It’s a nice place to visit, but you son’t live there anymore.





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