Gone to the Dogs

I recently finished reading Hounded, David Rosenfelt’s latest mystery with defense attorney Andy Carpenter and the gang he works with. My aunt also enjoyed it. I think she really liked the author’s deadpan humor. He also kept us guessing about how the story would turn out. As with most mysteries, the villain is not the person arrested for the crime. Friends in my book group would be proud. For once, I didn’t sneak a peek at the back of the book to see how everything would turn out.

This is not our first acquaintance with Rosenfelt’s work. We also loved Dogtripping, his hilarious and moving account of how he and his wife, with the help of a small army of friends, fans, and animal-loving total strangers, relocated the couple’s 27 rescue dogs from California to Maine. They called the caravan of vehicles “Woof-abago.” It’s definitely worth coming along for the ride.

Dedicated dog lovers and animal rescuers, the Rosenfelts set up the Tara Foundation, a nonprofit Golden Retriever rescue organization. They named it after their beloved Golden. While it’s no longer operational, the group and Tara live on in the mysteries. Although I haven’t gotten to it yet, I bet Unleashed is also fun.

For more information, visit Rosenfelt’s website.


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