Only This Once, I Judged a Book by Its Cover….and Loved It!

When I choose a book, the cover is usually the very last thing that draws me to it. Nine times out of ten, I always have a specific title in mind. I almost never care what the cover looks like.

But one day recently, I was browsing a local library’s EBook collection when I ran across a holiday book called The Christmas Cat by Melody Carlson. Though it sounded predictable, the story was also promising because it was about a cat. I didn’t care that I would be reading it in late January, either.

But the photograph of the Maine Coon cat on the front grabbed me at first glance. Miranda, also a Maine Coon, was our “bestest and prettiest”cat for eighteen years. Common traits of all Maine Coons are keen intelligence, shyness, and a loving and playful nature. But each has specific personalities. I was thinking about Miranda and missing the days when we had a pet–and wishing I could have a cat–or a dog–again. And then I found the book. Turns out that the author has a Maine Coon named Harry. She named one of the cats in the story after him. Isn’t the cover cute? Hr’s such a sweetie-pie!

The Christmas Cat

All together, now: Awwww!!  I showed the picture above to my aunt, and she liked it also. Both the eReader version (black and white) and the color version (Adobe Digital Editions). I think she was getting sick of my excitement over this, but she was patient.

Now, on to the story. Garrison Brown has just returned to the U.S. from six years in Uganda, where he’s been an international aid worker. Sadly, just before Thanksgiving, he learns that his grandmother has passed away. Her lawyer has asked Garrison to come settle her estate. This includes caring for and finding neighborhood homes for her six rescue cats: Muzzy, Rusty, Harry, Oreo, Viola, and Sadie (I think that’s her name), a calico. This is not as easy as it sounds. The adoptions have specific requirements. Worse, Garrison has allergies–and a deep fear of cats.

Along the way, Garrison recalls a lot about his life and his grandmother’s. She was well thought of in the community, and she had taken Garrison in when he was twelve, after his parents died in a car accident. He meets her neighbors–some of whom were her close friends.

Garrison also thinks about his life goals. Like all of us, he doesn’t get everything right the first time. His journey makes a very pleasant Christmas read.
Maine Coon Cat

I also couldn’t resist Phillip Martin’s free clipart image of a Maine Coon….very cute!


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