Please Don’t Take My eBook Away! A Review of “With Every Breath”

When I got my Nook Simple Touch for Christmas several years ago, I expected to use it as much as I do print and audio materials, including books on CD. It’s worked out exactly that way. Other writers and readers have described an “inability to stop reading” or a feeling of “finally coming up for air.” What I have is a beyond obsessive need to get to the end of a story before the lending period for an eBook is up. Thus has led to many riveting late nights and much frantic reading before the book disappears from the eReader. I can’t help it. I just have to know how it ends. So it was with A Tale of Two Cities (after a lot of years), The Canterbury Papers, Gone Girl, Learning to Swim, and more than a few book bundles. My love for extremely long histories and sagas often do not do well in just one reading, even though I’ve become a faster reader; I’ve had to check out or renew several multiple times.

Anyway, I found myself on the edge of my seat recently while reading With Every Breath by Elizabeth Camden. This is historical fiction with a little bit of everything–conflict, gentle humor, romance, medical research history, mystery, and strong characters with a lot of personality who grow and change and learn throughout the story. Although she lives in Orlando, Camden sets at least two of her novels–this one included–in Washington, DC, in the nineteenth century. This is another reason I will read Camden’s work again. I don’t know how much she researched this area during that period, but it certainly sparked my curiosity and imagination about the region where I was born and have lived in most of my life..

The year is 1891. Kate Livingston is working as a Census Bureau statistician when she applies to be the statistician for a tuberculosis research study at a local hospital. She doesn’t realize until the interview that her boss will be none other than her old school rival, Trevor McDonough. Kate of course gets the job, and the story moves quickly after that. Read for yourself to find out more.

So, on the last day of the loan period, I kept my Nook on all day so I wouldn’t lose the book. I used every spare minute to read, which is not a bad way to spend a Saturday. Even so, it was night before I got to the last chapter. Then, my Nook froze, and I lost the chapter. Undaunted, I downloaded it again on Adobe Digital Editions and read the last chapter and epilogue on my computer. Kind of cumbersome. I also was not able to enlarge the text within the program. However, emotional crisis averted, and I finished the story. With Every Breath also got excellent reviews on GoodReads.

Now, on to the next one….



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