Sharing About Books When You Least Expect It….

Yesterday, my aunt and I had finished our meeting. We were waiting in the front part of the office near the receptionist’s desk. I brought out my Nook from my purse to continue with my latest thick tome. Reading is also a great way to ease the stress of waiting on MetroAccess.

A few minutes later, an older gentleman finished with his appointment and happened to notice me reading. He and his wife were considering getting eReaders, and he had a lot of questions. I demonstrated what the screen looked like and how you could enlarge the type to your own comfort level. He really liked this because it was something his wife really needed. I talked a bit about other features, and that online bookstores offered free and low-cost titles.

About this time, the receptionist joined our conversation. She was a recent and enthusiastic convert to e-reading once she discovered her local library’s free eBook collection, and we told the man how many choices are available. He seemed really interested so I hope the new technology purchase works out.

Later the receptionist mentioned that it took her only two days  to read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.We talked about how much we liked it. She was also a James Patterson fan. She wants to start reading The Women’s Murder Club. We told her about Sue Grafton’s books and mentioned other mystery authors. I seem to be reading a lot of mysteries lately, which has me a bit worried. I guess everything goes in cycles.

Anyway, it was fun having a mini book discussion for a few minutes. We were also pleased when our ride came on time.

Happy reading, in whatever format works for you!


e reader : e-book with a pink cover Stock Photo



e reader : Ebook reader on a light background window




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