The Legend of the Dogwood Tree

Last Friday I went to the library to return and pick up items. Yes, I browsed as usual.

Anyway, on the way there, I admired the dogwood trees in the yards, already in pink and white bloom. I recalled the legend of the dogwood, which I had learned from an early age. My assistant accompanied me, and I told it to her, unsure if I was even telling it properly. She said I did a good job.

Later on, I looked up the story online. Here it is. I also like the song by country singer Wilma Lee Cooper.

Just because I was curious, I looked up some information on how to care for dog wood trees.

Dogwood (Cornus florida) Hand drawn vector illustration of dogwood blossom, in realistic style on white background, (dark  background also available)


Detailed illustration of a Red Flowering Dogwood.. Hand-drawn style. CMYK color



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