Since I Couldn’t Make It to the 2015 National Book Festival….

I read and saved this article instead, about Thomas Jefferson’s library. Everything looks so cool! I don’t know if I could get around to reading them all or even finding inexpensive editions. I am familiar with three–Tristram Shandy, Phillis Wheatley’s poetry, and Don Quixote. This last I bought after seeing a very powerful production of Man of La Mancha. Alas, I have yet to crack the cover, but that will be remedied in 2016.

Jefferson said, “I cannot live without books.” So many people feel the same way. Of course, no one can spend all their time reading. It’s great to balance it with other activities. At one time, I decided to give up reading for a year because I felt I had always focused on it too much. I lasted about a day with that resolution;.

I have since come to realize that not only is giving up reading highly impractical; IT’S A COLOSSALLY BAD IDEA!! Had I chosen that path, I would have missed a lot.


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