Book Discussion Resources

Some thoughts before joining a book group:

1) Read the book all the way through before the meeting. Sometimes this is hard to accomplish. Just do the best you can.

2) Be open-minded.

3) Share, and really listen when others give their opinions.

4) Have a good time–VERY important! 🙂

5) Mixing fiction and nonfiction titles is never a bad thing.


Many novels have lots of characters, and it can be difficult to keep them straight. In one of my groups, whoever leads will often list characters on handouts as a discussion guide. Basically, put characters into groups.


One response to “Book Discussion Resources


    WHERE AM I GOING?: Moving From Religious Tourist To Spiritual Explorer
    A thought-provoking memoir about spirituality, family, love and finding true inner happiness
    If we are lucky, there are moments in life when all of a sudden, we can take a step away from whatever it is that consumes our days – whether it’s shuttling the kids to soccer, punching in at work, or picking up the dry cleaning – and see a bigger picture. In these “ah-ha” moments, some of us have taken a hard look at our lives and wondered, This can’t really be it, can it? We want our lives, which feel ordinary, to be extraordinary. And once we wake up and ask this question, we begin to have an inkling that there is something deeper, more spiritual – that our lives have meaning.

    Part travel guide, part memoir, WHERE AM I GOING?: Moving From Religious Tourist To Spiritual Explorer takes the reader on a journey to finding this meaning in the same way that Michelle Cromer did for herself, through seven stages that connect each of us to the deepest part of our souls. The inspiring story of Michelle’s own quest for meaning in her life is a welcome departure from typical preachy self-help books. Always spiritual, sometimes dangerous, often exotic, her search – as told by this hilarious, complicated woman from Texas who seems to barrel through life with her heart on her sleeve – is a powerful lesson for anyone who also finally asks the Big Questions and begins their own spiritual journey. It is a journey that can propel you to discover your life’s most profound purpose.

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